Let me tell you a story, its a story about staying up until midnight to watch the uncut version of Gundam Wing on YTV.

It’s about searching desperately the budding internet for fanfic and images (only to find that they were behind member only Geocities lists, and not knowing how to get on those lists). 

It’s about crying when the fic and images you did find and save are wiped from your ancient laptop when it died and not remembering where you found them.

It’s about being young enough to be naive enough to love Heero/Relena but also mature enough to know that Heero/Duo was a better, stronger, more sensible OTP. 

It’s about loving Trowa/Quatra.

It’s about knowing that Wufei is, and will always be, an ass hole.

It’s about THAT ONE TIME finding the boxed set at HMV (when HMV was a store where you went for music and movies) for $150.00 and crying when you can’t afford it. (FYI: it’s still ~$170 on Amazon.)

It’s about 10 years later finding Endless Waltz in the bargain bin for $5 and crying because you CAN afford it but it’s worth so much more.

It’s about finding the series at Blockbuster (when Blockbuster was a store where you used to rent videos) and renting it over, and over, and over.

It’s about the first fandom you were even in, and you still love it.

Hello, dear kindred spirit. <3