Who I really am, huh?

You know, I have a feeling this is gonna get a little embarrassing again…

Before I got to be friends with these guys,
living in the sticks was so boring and annoying…

I had to tiptoe around other people…
and I was spinning my wheels…
But if you don’t acknowledge that that’s who you are, too, you can never change, right?
I think I would’ve rotted away without ever realizing that this is a great place, and everyone here is awesome.


Well then. Here we go.

This is the first time in a while that I’ve drawn any proper lineart. It’s Naoto dressed as Marie. I personally think that it is probably the best thing I have ever drawn.

It took me more than ten hours to do, but hopefully it was worth it. I’ve put the sketch and the lineart in because it makes for a nice progression thing.